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Cosmetic Surgery, Not Just a Girls Club

"What was once almost exclusively a secret “girls’ club” has now turned the tides and is no longer limited to the female gender. More and more men have found out..." (pdf version) or (more information)

The “Eyes Have it” Droopy Eyelids? Bags Under Your Eyes?
MilfordMD Skin & Laser Center Has the Solution

(pdf version or (more information)

Smoothing, Tightening & Contouring Skin Has Never Been Faster or Easier

Pike County Dispatch Thursday, March 12, 2009 (pdf version) or (more information)

Get A Facelift Without Getting A Facelift!

October 02, 2008 Pike County Dispatch (pdf version) or (more information)

Advanced Dermatology Skin and Cosmetic Laser Center in Milford, PA
announces the new facelift.

Doctor Profiles - Special Section Connections Magazine August 08 (pdf version) or (more information)

New Procedures to Eliminate Cellulite!

Pike County Dispatch June 05,2008 (more information)

Melt Fat Away Laser SmartLipo & ProLipo

Connections Magazine, February 08, 2007 (pdf version) or (more information)


(more information)

Blu-U, a new therapy for people who have suffered with acne, rosacea, sun damage and actinic keratosis

(more information)

Picture Perfect for the Party

(more information)

The Doctors Buckley attend the American Society for Laser Medicine
and Surgery annual meeting

(more information)

Photodynamic Therapy for Acne

(more information)

Summer Sun and Skin Cancer

(more information)

Smooth Skin

So, before you don that eensy weensy bikini or those tank tops and shorts, you might want to consider the laser treatments available. For more information you can check out... (more information)

Non-surgical Injection Rhinoplasty, the non-surgical nose job

Dr. Richard Buckley of Advanced Dermatology announces a new 30-minute, non-invasive procedure for dramatically improving nasal bumps, indentations, drooping nasal tips, or actually changing the shape of the bridge of the nose. (more information)

VASCULIGHT, An effective alternative to vein sclerotherapy

...a remarkable new technology known as Vasculight to their aesthetic skin treatment services.
(more information)

Digital Mole Mapping

Manhattan Methods in Milford. DermaGraphix Digital Mole Mapping Now Offered at the Pocono Medical Care Advanced Dermatology Skin Cancer Imaging Center. (more information)

UV Photography

Richard Buckley, MD of Advanced Dermatology Pocono Medical Care and Canfield Scientific, Inc. announced the addition of Advanced Skin Imaging utilizing Digital Ultra Violet (UV) Photography (more information)


The DermoGenius Ultra, a computer aided digital dermoscopic system for the imaging and analysis of moles and a diagnostic aid in the detection of melanoma, is now in use at Pocono Medical Care Advanced Dermatology’s Skin Cancer Imaging Center. (more information)


Whole Body Photography (body mapping) is rapidly gaining popularity as a tool for managing patients with moles and those at high risk for melanoma. (more information)




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Skin Care Products






BODY Sculpting

- Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

- Brazilian Butt Lift

- Carboxy Therapy

- Fat Transfer - Fat Grafting

- Rejuvenation of the Hands with Fat Transfer

- Excess Fat and Bulge Reduction

- Laser Lipo

- Liposuction Treatments

- Liposculpture (Power)

- Smartlipo

- Prolipo

- Mesotherapy

- Thermage (tighten skin)

- UltraShape™ for Men & Women

- Zeltiq CoolSculpting



- Breast Enlargement

- Breast Implants

- Breast Lift

- Breast Augmentation

- Breast Reduction

- Male Breast Reduction


Cellulite treatment

- Velulite Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

- VelaSmooth® Cellulite Treatment




Acne Treatments
- Photodynamic Therapy (Kerastik)

- Chemical Peels: TCA, Glycolic, Parisian Peel

- Chin & Cheek Augmentation

- Computer Imaging / UV Photography

- Evolence™

- Eyelid Lift- Blepharoplasty

- EarLobe Repairs & Otoplasty

- Dermabrasion

- Facelift

- Forehead Lift

- FotoFacial RF Pro

- Fractional Laser Treatment

- Fraxel Laser Treatment

- GentleWave LED Treatment

- Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

- Laser Photo Rejuvenation

- Latisse - Eyelash Growth

- Loose Skin of Jowls & Neck

- Micro-Dermabrasion

- Neck Contouring, Neck Lift

- Rhinoplasty & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

- Thermage

- Thermacool

- Vitiligo / Hypo-Pigmented Areas

- Wrinkle Treatments


Fillers & Injectables


- Collagen

- Cosmoderm

- Cosmoplast

- Dysport

- Evolence

- Fat Rebalancing

- Hylaform

- Juvederm

- Perlane

- Prevelle

- Radiesse

- Restylane

- Sculptra




- Hair Removal

- Hair Restoration

- Hair Transplantation


Scars & Tattoos

- Hypertrophic Scars

- Scar Revision

- Subcision for Cellulite & Acne Scars

- Scarabrasion

- Tattoo removal

- Z-Plasty


Vein treatments

- Ambulatory Phlebectomy

- Sclerotherapy

- Spider Vein Injections

- Varicose Veins, Leg Veins


Medical Laser Procedures

- Acne

- Keloid Repair

- Laser Photodynamic Therapy with ALA for Acne

- Port Wine Stains

- Rosacea

- Vascular Malformations


Aesthetic Lasers

- Blu-U (light)

- ConBio MedLite C6

spacer- Q-switched 532nm Nd:YAG

spacer- Q-switched 585nm Nd:YAG

spacer- Q-switched 650nm Nd:YAG

spacer- Q-switched N64nm Nd:YAG

- CO2 Lumenis Laser

- Ellman (RF)

- Erbium Laser

- Fractional Laser

- Fraxel Repair / Restore

- GentleLase Hair Removal

- GentleYag Hair Removal

- Pharos Excimer Laser

- ProLipo Laser

- ProV (Sciton)

- SmoothBeam Lasers

- Thermage (RF)

- Versapulse Laser

spacer- Q-switched ND:YAG (Help-G)

spacer- Q-switched Alexandrite

spacer- Q-switched ND:YAG

spacer- Q-switched FD ND:YAG

- Vasculight

spacer- Vasculight Epi

spacer- Vasculight IPL

spacer- Vasculight DL/PL

spacer- Vasculight ND:YAG

- VBeam




- Acne

- Age Spots & Sun Damaged Skin

- Atopic Dermatitis

- Baldness & Excessive Hair

- Birthmarks & Port Wine Stains

- Broken Blood Vessels

- Cellulite

- Excess Fat, Bulges

- Loose Skin - Jowls & Neck

- Moles

- Pigmented Lesions

- Psoriais

- Rosacea

- Scars & Keloids

- Skin Cancer

- Volume Restoration

- Spider& Reticular Veins

- Stretch Marks

- Tattoos

- Varicose Veins, Leg Veins

- Vascular Malformations

- Vitiligo / Hypo-Pigmented Areas

- Warts & Cysts

- Wrinkles & Frown Lines