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FACIAL REJUVENATION: "Dear Dr. Buckley: It is with warmth and heartfelt gratitude that I write to you today; so many times I've tried to put into words just how grateful I am for the excellent fat transfer you did on my face. Almost 15 months have passed since the first round of fat transfer, and I am still awe struck and amazed by the final results of what you did for me. The fact that I have been told that I look 50, when in fact I am 70, is a real testimonial to your work. If I could choose the ideal physician and mold a doctor into everything I would want to find as a patient, I couldn't have done it as well as what you are as a physician and as a human being. Seldom do I find a doctor that has such a passion for their work and more so care for their patients, and monetary gains are not their first goal. I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere and deep gratitude for your extraordinary work."

L. B., Pennsylvania

"I am finally able to go out to dinner – the opera – without worrying that I will have to meet one of my husbands’ co-workers.  I am so much happier now.  I actually smile and say I am happy to meet you and it isn’t a big lie. Thank you for my life back!
PS – I no longer tear my nails off – they have grown out because I am so much calmer."

BD – New York

HAIR RESTORATION: "I came in March 2010 for a hair restoration procedure due to thinning hair. Being a 26 year old women and having to deal with the embarrassment of thin hair is pretty hard. I opted to go ahead with the procedure after meeting with Dr. Buckley and his staff. I felt comfortable immediately after meeting everyone. There was no doubt I would be in good hands. The procedure went as expected. My recovery time was a bit longer than I had originally thought and there was frustration at first because I was expecting results right away. I had to just relax and wait. It's been 9 months and the results have definitely exceeded my expectations. I no longer spend 20 minutes just trying to pull my hair back. I am more comfortable in public as well. I definitely will book to do another procedure in the near future. I love this office and trust you guys 100%. It's worth the drive up here!"



AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer) and LASER LIPOSUCTION: After surgery, I couldn't believe how great I felt the next day. I am a flight attendant and actually flew to Iberia the next day and went to the gym the next day, I had laser lipo and AFT (autologous fat transfer) done and expected a down time of 4 days. Never did I think I would be at work and working out - WOW. Thank you Dr. Buckley!

PM, Hackettstown, NJ


LASER LIPOSUCTION - LIPOSCULPTURE: No more size XL. I am size medium now and even take a few smalls. I can wear tight shirts that I couldn’t wear before. I am now in Fredericks of Hollywood clothes and Victoria Secret bras. There are no more bulges over the bra line. I can wear sexy and exotic clothes now and mini skirts again. Men chase me again. It is fun again.


I'm the type of person who needs drugs if I stub my toes so I was a little apprehensive about the lipo (laser liposuction-scupture). There were a couple of uncomfortable moments but overall, the process was much better than I expected. I was able to relax and carry on a conversation and the discomfort was never more than an occasional "ouch". And, the results make those ouches well worthwhile.
One Week Results: I am thrilled- I was able to see the waistline in the mirror at home but to see the profile at just 1 week compared to the before is unbelievable. I couldn't believe that was my body. And, I can already see that the "love handles" are gone. I expected to be really swollen and lumpy for the first few weeks, but instead I can see how great I'm going to look when the healing is complete.


LASER LIPOCULPTING: Dr. Richard Buckley and his staff have been absolutely wonderful to me from the moment I made the intial call to today, the day of surgery. They were very informative and made sure I was comfortable. Durning my laser liposculpting procedure we sang, laughed and talked about our families. The procedure was painless, just a couple of pricks and Dr. Buckley made it better. On one of my sides I was actually laughing because it tickled. Overall this experience so far has been great. I am so excited to see the results in the next couple of weeks.



BOTOX: I love my Botox results from Dr. Richard Buckley. My forehead is so smooth and he has taken years off my face. I love coming to the office. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Buckley is the best. I am thrilled with my results and so happy I found a doctor I trust so close to home.



MALE BREAST REDUCTION - LASER LIPOSUCTION: "My primary objective was to reduce the size of my "man breasts". Diet and exercise did not work, so I did some "homework" regarding liposuction. I saw the billboard for MilfordMD and went on your website - laser lipo vs. traditional lipo - no brainer!! Came in for my "free" consult (which no one else offers!!) and attended one of your seminars. I was immediately impressed with everyone on your staff as well as the facility. When I met Dr. Buckley I was so impressed by his passion for what he does that there was no doubt in my mind that MilfordMD was going to be my choice! Looking at before and after pictures of others and talking to your staff I knew exactly what to expect from the first time I took the bandages off. I was overcome with, for lack of a better word - joy! The day after surgery I was blown away at the results. All of it exceeds my expectations and I know that in the months to come it will only get better and better. Thanks to everyone at MilfordMD."

MA, New Jersey

"Hi Dr Richard, FYI- I am getting so many compliments on how pretty (and much younger) I look. Thanks for your wonderful work!"

T.R., New York, NY

LIPOSCULPTURE: "The biggest difference is in the fit of my clothes .. there have been major improvement over the 3 months, virtually no soreness ... The surgery itself was reasonable. It was not particularly painful but I would describe it at times uncomfortable. Of course at times I was also feeling as though I was getting a massage (and falling asleep). Seeing my before and after pictures at 3 months was the best!!!"

K.A., PA

"I come all the way from Manhattan because Dr. Richard Buckley is the best of the best. Yes, he's better than all the other MD's that I had gone to in Manhattan. He listens and makes great judgement as to the exact amount of work needed (fillers and Botox). His work always makes me look refreshed, younger and very natural."


"Dr. Buckley was very genteel performing injections around the eye, nasal area, lips, and chin. You could just feel he was Michelangelo at work. The numbing agent (lidocaine) along with the cool air blowing about my face created a calming effect."

JW - Pennsylvania

"I think Dr. Buckley’s work is wonderful!!  I was nervous at first but Dr. Buckley made me feel much calmer about my non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure.  I won’t go anywhere else.  I’m so happy to have had this as opposed to regular surgery.  Dr. Buckley doesn’t treat this as surgery, he treats it as an art.  The result has given me a boost of confidence.  Love it, love it!!"


"I am very happy with the results of autologous fat transfer to my hands, fingers, feet and toes. I feel more confident with myself when I need to talk in front of a group of people. And, I also feel more confident when a television news crew is asking me questions or filming some of the things I do where I work."

MB, Pennsylvania

LASER TATTOO REMOVAL: "The laser treatment to remove tattoos in my opinion is just as much an art as getting the tattoo in the first place.  My friends and I are so amazed by this procedure - it’s fantastic!"


"I had been going to a very well known doctor prior to coming to Dr. Richard Buckley and there is no comparison, which is why I travel an hour and a half to come to Advanced Dermatology in Milford. Dr. Buckley just looks at your face and knows exactly what to do and how to do it. It’s like he sees who I was 15 years ago and brings that person out. He’s a true artist, a Michelangelo. I feel so good about myself now. Manhattan Methods in Milford is an accurate description of the services Dr. Buckley provides."

Linda M., PA

"Despite enough Internet research hours on Smart Lipo/Pro Lipo to get a degree from Google University, I still felt nervous about the procedure. But from the moment Dr Buckley introduced himself during our consultation, I felt at ease. Then, as he thoroughly explained the procedure (much better than my Google research), I was comforted by his vast understanding of it and his ability to relate it to my specific needs. His office staff are very helpful and so fantastically friendly, I want to invite them all to Thanksgiving dinner. Dr. Buckley's qualifications, coupled with his kind mannered persona made me feel beyond trusting of his ability to return my body to the reflection for which I had hoped. My husband and I were so delighted with the results, that he too went in for the same procedure and had a phenomenal outcome! Dr Buckley is an amazing surgeon... a real treasure of the Poconos... and despite the 90 minute drive, I'd consider going nowhere but Pocono Medical Care Advanced Derm. in the future. Lots of love from the lighter bellies in PA!!!"

M.S., Pennsylvania

"I have been coming to Advanced Dermatology since 2005 for BOTOX, Microdermabrasion (MDA), Laser Rejuvenation (IPL) and most recently Smartlipo (Liposculpture). I think that it’s most important to have a certain comfort level when having these procedures done and I can speak freely with Dr. Buckley and his staff to get all the information I need. I come to Dr. Buckley because he is highly qualified, keeps on top of all the latest procedures and all of my results have been excellent. Manhattan Methods in Milford is an accurate description of his services as there’s nothing I can get in Manhattan that I can’t get here at Advanced Dermatology. My SmartLipo procedure was totally painless and was just as the Doctor had described to me beforehand. I have recommended his services to many of my friends as well."

Y.F. , NJ

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BODY Sculpting

- Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck

- Brazilian Butt Lift

- Carboxy Therapy

- Fat Transfer - Fat Grafting

- Rejuvenation of the Hands with Fat Transfer

- Excess Fat and Bulge Reduction

- Laser Lipo

- Liposuction Treatments

- Liposculpture (Power)

- Smartlipo

- Prolipo

- Mesotherapy

- Thermage (tighten skin)

- UltraShape™ for Men & Women

- Zeltiq CoolSculpting



- Breast Enlargement

- Breast Implants

- Breast Lift

- Breast Augmentation

- Breast Reduction

- Male Breast Reduction


Cellulite treatment

- Velulite Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

- VelaSmooth® Cellulite Treatment




Acne Treatments
- Photodynamic Therapy (Kerastik)

- Chemical Peels: TCA, Glycolic, Parisian Peel

- Chin & Cheek Augmentation

- Computer Imaging / UV Photography

- Evolence™

- Eyelid Lift- Blepharoplasty

- EarLobe Repairs & Otoplasty

- Dermabrasion

- Facelift

- Forehead Lift

- FotoFacial RF Pro

- Fractional Laser Treatment

- Fraxel Laser Treatment

- GentleWave LED Treatment

- Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

- Laser Photo Rejuvenation

- Latisse - Eyelash Growth

- Loose Skin of Jowls & Neck

- Micro-Dermabrasion

- Neck Contouring, Neck Lift

- Rhinoplasty & Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

- Thermage

- Thermacool

- Vitiligo / Hypo-Pigmented Areas

- Wrinkle Treatments


Fillers & Injectables


- Collagen

- Cosmoderm

- Cosmoplast

- Dysport

- Evolence

- Fat Rebalancing

- Hylaform

- Juvederm

- Perlane

- Prevelle

- Radiesse

- Restylane

- Sculptra




- Hair Removal

- Hair Restoration

- Hair Transplantation


Scars & Tattoos

- Hypertrophic Scars

- Scar Revision

- Subcision for Cellulite & Acne Scars

- Scarabrasion

- Tattoo removal

- Z-Plasty


Vein treatments

- Ambulatory Phlebectomy

- Sclerotherapy

- Spider Vein Injections

- Varicose Veins, Leg Veins


Medical Laser Procedures

- Acne

- Keloid Repair

- Laser Photodynamic Therapy with ALA for Acne

- Port Wine Stains

- Rosacea

- Vascular Malformations


Aesthetic Lasers

- Blu-U (light)

- ConBio MedLite C6

spacer- Q-switched 532nm Nd:YAG

spacer- Q-switched 585nm Nd:YAG

spacer- Q-switched 650nm Nd:YAG

spacer- Q-switched N64nm Nd:YAG

- CO2 Lumenis Laser

- Ellman (RF)

- Erbium Laser

- Fractional Laser

- Fraxel Repair / Restore

- GentleLase Hair Removal

- GentleYag Hair Removal

- Pharos Excimer Laser

- ProLipo Laser

- ProV (Sciton)

- SmoothBeam Lasers

- Thermage (RF)

- Versapulse Laser

spacer- Q-switched ND:YAG (Help-G)

spacer- Q-switched Alexandrite

spacer- Q-switched ND:YAG

spacer- Q-switched FD ND:YAG

- Vasculight

spacer- Vasculight Epi

spacer- Vasculight IPL

spacer- Vasculight DL/PL

spacer- Vasculight ND:YAG

- VBeam




- Acne

- Age Spots & Sun Damaged Skin

- Atopic Dermatitis

- Baldness & Excessive Hair

- Birthmarks & Port Wine Stains

- Broken Blood Vessels

- Cellulite

- Excess Fat, Bulges

- Loose Skin - Jowls & Neck

- Moles

- Pigmented Lesions

- Psoriais

- Rosacea

- Scars & Keloids

- Skin Cancer

- Volume Restoration

- Spider& Reticular Veins

- Stretch Marks

- Tattoos

- Varicose Veins, Leg Veins

- Vascular Malformations

- Vitiligo / Hypo-Pigmented Areas

- Warts & Cysts

- Wrinkles & Frown Lines